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Four Abstract Seasons - Intuitive Paintings

Four Abstract Seasons

By Martin Lukas Ostachowski | 10. December 2016 | 5 Comments

Four Abstract Seasons I’d like to share a set of intuitive paintings I worked on in September 2016, which consists of four diptychs. As in my previous set of studies titled “Marks on Large Greens“, I continued with the mark-making approach for the backgrounds. However, in this set, I allowed some geometric shapes to extend…

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Intuitive Paintings: Marks on Large Greens

Marks on Large Greens – Intuitive Paintings

By Martin Lukas Ostachowski | 30. October 2016 | 10 Comments

Marks on Large Greens – Intuitive Paintings I’m sharing my new set of intuitive paintings which I titled Marks on Large Greens. The first snow in Quebec came extra early this year, and it was perfect timing to incorporate some vivid colors by posting this series of bright green abstracts. The series was done back…

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Nine Intuitive Abstracts - Intuitive Paintings - Preview

Nine New Intuitive Abstract Paintings

By Martin Lukas Ostachowski | 9. August 2016 | 2 Comments

Nine New Intuitive Abstract Paintings I’m back from summer vacation and posting a new set of nine intuitive abstract paintings, which were painted back in June. I created these three at a time (in sets of 3). I’m still very much enjoying the spontaneous approach to painting, without any sketches, drawings or photos, as it…

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Intuitive Paintings: Universal Connections Crossed ...

New Work: Universal Connections …

By Martin Lukas Ostachowski | 18. June 2016 | 2 Comments

New Work: Universal Connections … Today, I am posting my two latest paintings on canvas: Universal Connections Crossed by Orange and Universal Connections Crossed by Green. I painted both right before my first Art Symposium at the end of April. When I laid out my paintings on the floor to prearrange the booth, I noticed…

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Intuitive Paintings: Spatula Stripes

Spatula Stripes – Intuitive Paintings

By Martin Lukas Ostachowski | 15. June 2016 | 0 Comments

Spatula Stripes – Intuitive Paintings After my return from Connecticut, Nevada and Arizona, I am finally catching up with posting recent studies and paintings. You will find my third series of seven intuitive paintings entitled Spatula Stripes, which I painted shortly after the Spatula Textures set at the end of April. While the last series…

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