Intuitive Paintings: Off-Whites and Greys

Off-Whites and Greys – Intuitive Paintings

As you may know, I am currently working on studies for my Exclamatory Intermezzo series, which is characterized by a fairly strict, mathematical pattern. Although I am enjoying the effect of the cut-outs and stripe patterns of this series, the weaving and cutting work takes a great deal of time.

With my first participation in an art show coming up (Symposium de Peinture “Ma ville en couleurs”), I would like to produce a number of paintings to be able to make an interesting selection for my booth. That’s why I wanted to break out of the routine of working on the series and just paint intuitively without thinking, sketching, paper-cutting or paper-weaving. The idea was to work on a larger scale than my sketchbook and play with different colours and patterns.

For this time, I focused on off-whites and greys, which happens to be Quebec’s current colour scheme outside. I worked mostly with palette knifes and used the following base colours: Titanium White, Zinc Mixing White, Unbleached Titanium, Parchment and Neutral Grey. In addition, I added a few accents with soft pastels and Yellow Ochre. I have to admit it was great fun and I will definitely keep painting intuitively on a more frequent basis.

Off-Whites and Greys

Do you ever paint intuitively?


Last update August 15, 2018

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