Exhibitions & Events

Contemporary Photography 2019 - CICA Museum

Contemporary Photography

International Digital Art Festival

iDAF – International Digital Art Festival

Rare Art Fest 2

Rare Art Festival 2

Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019

Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019

Ethereum Denver 2019

Ethereum Denver

Expo Aux Puces - Affordable Art Show

Expo Aux Puces

Hackatao: Fight Fear

Hackatao: Fight Fear

Introducing Montreal to Crypto Art - Printemps Numérique #intersections VOL.9: Blockchain ... from Promises to Applications

Printemps Numérique #Intersections VOL.9

Osez Jaune Group Exhibition

Osez Jaune

My Artwork Selected for 3rd Geste Group Exhibition Binary / Non-Binary

Binary / Non-Binary

Cryptoart at the DevCon4 in Prague.jpg

devcon iv

Expo Concours Arts Sutton Printemps 2018

Expo Concours Printemps 2018