New Art Goals 2018 and Art Goals 2017 in Review

One and a half months into the new year, I set my new art goals for 2018 and reviewed my 2017 art goals and. Let’s start with the new art goals.

2018 Art Goals

For this year, I want to reach my biggest milestone when I started this blog back at the end of 2014: secure my first solo exhibition.

Goal 1: Increase the Exclamatory Intermezzo Body of Work

With my first couple of group exhibitions done, I want to expand my body of work of cut and woven paper paintings this year in preparation for goal #2.

Goal 2: Have my first Solo Exhibition

Having my first solo exhibition was one of my core objectives when I started this blog at the end of 2014. With my artistic style evolving, I would like to either achieve this milestone already this year or at least secure a solo exhibit opportunity for next year.

Goal 3: Transform Blog into Artist Website

I would like to update most of the texts as my practice and paintings have evolved over the last few years. With my first sold paintings, I would like to transform this blog towards a full-fledged artist website.

Goal 4: Create Videos

As videos are growing to be the most critical and most engaging content on websites, I would like to follow suit and include a few videos about my art process and painting series.

Goal 5: Learn More About Art Theory

As my passion and interest grow about art, I would like to improve my art theory foundation this year. I plan to read some art textbooks about art history and art criticism.

Goal 6: Find An Art Mentor

My last goal is probably the most difficult one to achieve: I would like to find an art mentor.

Art Goal Review 2017

2017 Art Goal Review Dashboard 1

Goal 1: Expand Exclamatory Intermezzo Series: Needs Work

I hardly made progress in this series and finished only one large painting. However, I prepared more than two dozen pre-cut papers. By finishing and eliminating the most time-consuming step of this series, I was already able to complete three paintings during the last few weeks.

Goal 2: Sell My First Painting: Reached

Being behind on this goal on my 2017 half-time review, I decided to participate in a Christmas Market in Sherbrooke. I was thrilled to have sold my first four paintings.

Goal 3: Expand Artist CV: Passed

I participated in a travelling group exhibition “Le Canada pour moi c’est … on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary. Other than that, I did not succeed in adding a second CV entry. In December, however, I was admitted for a group exhibition in January. The exhibit “Intersection Eponyme is currently on display until March 9th in the Centre Communautaire et Culturel Françoise-Dunn and features 35 artists from or based in Sherbrooke, QC.

2017 Art Goal Review Dashboard 2

Goal 4: Increase Followers to 1,000: Passed

Although I didn’t quite reach the 1,000, I more than doubled my followers. Interestingly, my audience grew mostly during the past two months on Instagram. To funnel my efforts, I decided to focus on Facebook and Instagram this year.

Goal 5: Create Videos: Needs Work

Not much progress to report yet. This goal will carry forward into this year.

Goal 6: Transform Blog into Artist Website: Needs Work

I am currently working on my texts and structure on the website, as many passages have already become obsolete and I feel much more comfortable writing and talking about my art and process. This goal remains an objective for 2018.

2017 Art Goal Review Dashboard 3

Goal 7: Get Involved in the Art Community: Reached

I learned the tremendous benefits of networking and talking with artists and art enthusiasts firsthand. During one event, I met the organizer of a group exhibit, and I got invited to submit my portfolio. In addition to participating in art events and vernissages, I joined two artist groups; Art Sutton and Maison de la Culture Brompton. I am looking forward to more interesting conversations with like-minded people.

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