Half-time 2016 Art Goal Review

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, states a popular quote controversially attributed to author and consultant Peter Drucker. It’s been half a year passed since I posted my 2016 Art Goals, so I’m posting a short goal review to assess where I’m at. In typical German fashion, I created a simple spreadsheet to track my progress on a monthly basis; this allows me to determine where I need to focus my efforts before the end of the year.

Art Goal Review Dashboard Part I

Sketch or Paint Every Day – Passed

In the last 6 months, I painted or sketched 147 out of 182 days. This leaves me at an acceptable average of 80% per month and with 1 1/4 sketchbooks full of ideas and concepts. As most of the 35 days I missed were travel days, I consider this art goal as passed. But I would still like to see this number to be close to 90% by the end of the year.

Post 2 Blog Posts per Month – Reached

This article marks my 14th blog post this year, putting me right on track with this goal. At this time, I am even trying to work ahead on future blog posts.

Participate in 2 Art Events – Reached

I am thrilled to have reached this goal by June, although I thought it would be one of the hardest to achieve. This spring I participated at the Symposium de Peinture “Ma Ville en Couleurs” in Thetford Mines, QC. After the symposium I participated at the group exhibition “Ma Ville en Couleurs” at the Station des Arts also in Thetford Mines, QC. As both events were great experiences, I am really motivated to participate in a third art event later this year.

Art Goal Review Dashboard Part II

Quadruple Social Media Followers – Needs Work

This is probably my most ambitious goal and one that proves to be the hardest to achieve. This year, I posted (partly automated) 170 times throughout my blog and social media channels. It is divided as follows: 13 blog posts, 18 Facebook posts, 47 pictures on Instagram, 58 pins on Pinterest and 31 Twitter tweets. However, during the last 6 months I was only able to increase my followers by 55 people accounting for a 59% increase and only a disappointing 15% goal achievement.

The slow growth requires me to rethink and improve my social media strategy and posting pattern to get  near my goal of 400 followers by the end of this year. Therefore, I will increase my backlinks to help me with organic search results. Also, I will continue planning my social media posts with a management tool. Since I started using a planning tool two months ago, my followers grew by over 10% per month in comparison to the low one-digit growth during the previous months.

Read 5 Art Books – Needs Work

I read several books this year, but so far only one about art (Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon). This leaves me behind my goal of five. However, during my upcoming summer vacation I look forward to catching up.

Create 6 Large-Scale Exclamatory Intermezzo Paintings – Needs Work

Ever since I got into intuitive painting, I neglected working on my exclamatory series. For the remaining 6 months, I plan to focus on creating at least one Exclamatory Intermezzo painting per month.

How are your art goals progressing so far? Do you track them?

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Last update July 12, 2017

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