Upcoming MakersPlace Launch

I am excited to announce that I have joined the digital art marketplace MakersPlace. This collaboration has been brewing for several months, and I had the chance to meet the founders during Rare Art Festival 2 in Brooklyn, NY last year. On the occasion of this launch, I will release three new digital artworks that explore the concepts of volatility, liberty and scalability.

Disturbing Volatility

Disturbing Volatility explores the perception of and sentiment towards economic systems and their market forces. Embraced and used to their advantage by some, for the majority volatility represents an appalling uncertainty and the loss of control. With the rise of financial technologies, humans are even further removed from decision-making processes and replaced by artificial intelligence. Algorithm-driven automated decisions account for approximately 80% of the daily trading volume, react instantly to signals and have caused significant fluctuation in recent years.

Disturbing Volatility
Limited edition of 5
1:00 / 1,920 x 1,080 px / MP4

This artwork embodies this alienation through an animation of 60 aerial videos recorded with a cellphone through the window of passenger flights over two years. The videos are organized in five rows depending on their relative position between the ground, clouds and sky, and the 12 columns loosely resemble a histogram chart. In an endless loop, the video columns imitate economic cycles that move around an opaque layer of cloud videos as its reference point. Disturbing Volatility plays with similarities between the developments in financial markets and commercial aviation. Furthermore, it emphasizes the necessary surrender of a market participant or passenger to the faith in its driving forces.

In the adoption of new technologies such as blockchain, high fluctuation of the underlying cryptocurrencies drives in speculators but deters fast, widespread adoption. High price swings overshadow the technological benefits and reduce it for many to its monetary roots. The artist acknowledges the use of copyright-free music by Doug Maxwell (Lost in Prayer), and I Think I Can Help You (The Ten Names) in his artwork.

Perpetuum Mobile

A hypothetical machine that can work infinitely without an energy source does not exist. The same applies to an international digital currency that successfully absconds from justice and manipulation.

Bitcoin and proof-of-work concepts regularly draw criticism for their high-energy demand, which equals smaller countries’ annual energy consumption. However, one could see it as the price of liberty.

Perpetuum Mobile
Digital original / Limited edition of 1
0:30 / 2,000 x 2,000 px / MP4

The blockchain needs to remain in the air, requiring energy just like a windmill or a plane. As long as blockchain miners worldwide continue to fuel it, the blockchain will stay above the jurisdictions and influence of both governments and central banks.

This video collage Perpetuum Mobile consists of six videos recorded on a 1,200-mile passenger flight between Toronto (YYZ) and Dallas (DFW) in March 2018.

Citius, Altius, Fortius

The surge of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) fuels long-time scaling discussions of the Ethereum blockchain. Transaction fees are soaring, and decentralized apps experience slowdowns. While more people enter the space, the community calls for more. 

The artwork Citius, Altius, Fortius playfully explores scalability, in particular, of layer 2 constructions. The objective is clear: faster transaction times, more data and lower transaction fees. It is time to challenge the status quo and break new records. Citius, Altius, Fortius is Latin for faster, higher, stronger, and is the Olympic motto. 

Citius, Altius, Fortius
Limited edition of 3
1:00 / 1,920 x 1,080 px / MP4

Animation of individual Python-processed video frames based on two scanned sets of rubber-stamps. 1,920 × 1,080 px, 899 frames, 1:00, MP4, stamp set 01 and 02.

About MakersPlace

MakersPlace is an authentic and unique digital creation platform powered by blockchain technology for digital creators. It enables creators to protect and sell originals and limited editions of digital creations. In addition, MakersPlace connects creators with fans and collectors worldwide through a marketplace and network of partners. Founded in 2016, MakersPlace is located in San Francisco, California. Follow my profile on MakersPlace for notifications on upcoming artwork drops.

Last update December 22, 2020

Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Geometric abstraction artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Moniang (Montreal), QC, Canada. I explore the blockchain through the subject of clouds in physical and digital mediums. » About Me

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