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This week, I joined the Swiss digital art platform Elementum, formerly known as Noow. Elementum is a web-based app and has also been available on Swisscom IP TV since 2019. This digital art marketplace recently won the “Best of Swiss Apps” bronze award in the innovation category. My new artwork, entitled Immutable Node Symphony, will be released on Elementum and was selected as a curator’s pick.

Immutable Node Symphony

Immutable Node Symphony

View Immutable Node Symphony on Elementum

The artwork Immutable Node Symphony explores the verification and synchronization process of Bitcoin nodes. Nodes are computers connected to Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer network, while so-called full nodes host and synchronize a copy of the entire Bitcoin blockchain. Every 10 minutes, a new transaction block is created. Once a consensus is reached about the validity of a new transaction block, all the nodes will add the block to the public ledger, called the blockchain.

A growing global network, currently over 100,000 nodes, has maintained the entire transaction history since its inception in 2008, ensuring the blockchain’s information is immutable. Each additional node increases this distributed network’s security and reliability against local outages or potential prohibitive legislation in individual countries.

My animation uses cloud collages to visualize the idea of Bitcoin as a network of hope. It’s hope for opportunity, equality or wealth that motivates people to run Bitcoin nodes. However, if people lose their hope in Bitcoin and disconnect their nodes, the Bitcoin network consequently dissolves like a cloud of vapour.

Animated photo collage based on photos taken on passenger flights,
3,840 × 2,160 px, 02:56, MP4

Five months after tokenizing my last artwork Post nubila Phoebus, I am releasing a new geometric video study entitled Touching Clouds on the SuperRare marketplace.

Touching Clouds

Touching Clouds
View Touching Clouds on SuperRare

A seemingly monotonous cloud layer seen from below can suddenly turn into a spectacular cloudscape when the plane breaks through it. While some people dread the turbulence of breaking through this layer, it is one of my favourite moments during flights. The clouds fly by at peak velocity and reveal their surfaces before the plane slowly rises above them again, at which point the entire cloudscape decelerates.

Touching Clouds is a video collage study exploring the contrast of soft clouds drifting across sharp geometric edges. It aims to recreate this moment of anticipation during a year where I have been bound to work with mostly archived material due to the global pandemic.

Video collage based on videos taken on passenger flights and animation of individual Python-processed video frames based on a scanned set of rubber-stamps.
1,080 × 1,920 px, 00:27, MP4

Last update December 22, 2020

Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Geometric abstraction artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Moniang (Montreal), QC, Canada. I explore the blockchain through the subject of clouds in physical and digital mediums. » About Me

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