Encrypted Block Cloudscape

My newest artwork entitled Encrypted Block Cloudscape is the first woven painting of a new series: Weaving Algorithms. In this series, I started exploring algorithms through woven painting patterns. In general, an algorithm can be simplified and understood as a set of instructions. It is very comparable to the strict directions one has to follow while weaving patterns in fabrics.

In this particular painting, I wanted to visualize an encryption algorithm. If you are not familiar with cryptography, look at it this way: encryption is a process of hiding the information and making it only accessible to authorized parties. For everybody else, the initial information remains unattainable.

Making-of Encrypted Block Cloudscape

In the first step, I painted clouds on a large sheet of paper with acrylic paints and added large geometric structures to the foreground. The painting as a whole existed for only a few hours, and I deliberately didn’t photograph it.

Instead, I cut up the artwork into six pieces and cut these pieces subsequently into thin and short strips. Based on a simple ruleset, I started reassembling and stapling the short pieces along with coloured paper bands into long paper stripes. Following a second ruleset, I weaved them into the final state. In the last step, I mounted the artwork onto dark blue cardboard.

Encrypted Block Cloudscape
Encrypted Block Cloudscape
Acrylics on hand-cut, woven and stapled paper
28 x 28 in. / 72 x 72 cm

The conceptual idea behind this piece is to visualize the encryption as a process. The algorithm selected, manipulated and scattered the pieces of initial painting towards its final assembly. Therefore, even though you might have a vague idea of the original painting (information), you won’t be able to retrieve it without the applied rulesets (algorithms) with which I created the artwork.

Sutton Spring Art Prize

I exhibited my Encrypted Block Cloudscape for the first time during the Sutton Arts Prize Spring 2019 at the Arts Sutton Art Center in April 2019. Below you will find a few photos from the vernissage.

Setup Art Prize Arts Sutton
Encrypted Block Cloudscape during the Setup of Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019
Vernissage Spring Art Prize Arts Sutton
Vernissage of Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019
Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019
Sutton Art Prize Spring 2019
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Geometric abstraction artist based in Tiohtià:ke/Moniang (Montreal), QC, Canada. I explore the blockchain through the subject of clouds in physical and digital mediums. » About Me

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