Dear Block Chen

Dear Block Chen Group Exhibition

Group exhibitionNovember 20th, 2021 to January 15th, 2022Solid Art GalleryTaipei, Taiwan Curator: Feng-Yi Chu  Artists: Kevin Abosch, Lans King, Martin Lukas Ostachowski, Nai-Ren Chang, Tzu-Tung Lee + Winnie Soon, Yi-Chun Lin, lololol (Xia Lin + Sheryl Chang) , Rexy Tseng, Aluan Wang, Jui-Lan Yao Dear Block Chen is the first international contemporary art exhibition about…

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Les NFT ou le buzz de l’art intangible

Les NFT ou le buzz de l'art intangible

Couturier, Jules: Les NFT our le buzz de l’art intangible, Metro Journal, Montreal, Quebec (October 20th, 2021): Excerpt Translation: … Artists win / Based in Montreal, Martin Lukas Ostachowski says the NFT has changed his career. He made the transition from traditional art to digital in 2018 when he discovered NFTs. “It’s easier for…

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U’R,L Group Exhibition

URL Group Exhibition IRL Art Gallery Denver Colorado

Group exhibitionSeptember 3rd to 24th, 2021IRL Art GalleryDenver, CO, USA IRL Art, with the support of the Museum of Crypto Art present: U’R,L; a play on the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), through interconnection. inner, and internet connection. 10 artists are invited to nominate themselves to collaborate with their former self and 10 artists to collaborate with another genesis artist’s…

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A Series of Appreciation

A Series of Appreciation - Video Sketeches

Video Sketches – A Calling Dibs Release Following long processes spanning several years, I started working on a series of shorter video sketches earlier this year. My objective was to practice digital collages and compositions and find ways to combine my multiple ongoing series in different mediums created over the past few years. I regularly…

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Papier Exhibition

Papier Exhibition Esperanto Gallery and Studios 2021

Group exhibitionAugust 6th to 20th, 2021Esperanto Gallery and StudiosMarkham, ON Description Just as a blank sheet of paper has served as a source of consternation to the creative, it has as easily shown the endless possibilities that await. We are reminded of the impossible job any god has to face, that divine knowledge as we…

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Crypto Art Curation – Outer Realm Podcast

Crypto Art Curation - The Outer Realm Podcast

PodcastJuly 19th, 2021The Outer Realm PodcastEric Paul Rhodes Martin Lukas Ostachowski is a crypto artist who explores geometric abstraction and minimalism. He also documents the blockchain and crypto art history on his website. We discuss his business background, the role curation plays in crypto art, and his latest async art drum. We chat about starting his…

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A Conversation on the History of CryptoArt

A conversation on the History of Crypto Art

Nitika: A conversation on the History of CryptoArt between Jason Bailey @artnome, Martin Lukas Ostachowski @MLOdotArt, and Micol @verticalcrypto, Vertical Crypto. Londong, UK (June 30th, 2021): Excerpt Martin Lukas Ostachowski is a physical artist who works with technology. His works have long processes that can take him a year or two to complete. In 2018,…

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Digital Art Month – CADAF Paris

Digital Art Month CADAF Paris 2021

AR Group exhibition curated by Studio As We Are and CADAFJune 1st, 2021 to June 30th, 2021 Various locations, Paris, France Description Digital Art Month will showcase over 100 augmented reality and video artworks by 80 international artists throughout June in Paris. The works will be placed at select cultural institutions including Centre Pompidou, Monnaie…

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“Cloud Artist” Martin Lukas Ostachowski Uses Playform

Martin Lukas Ostachowski Uses Playform

“Cloud Artist” Martin Lukas Ostachowski Uses Playform to Explore the Connection Between Blockchain and Clouds (May 27th, 2021): Excerpt […] Playform: You’re identified as an artist who “explores geometric abstraction and minimalism, using physical and digital languages through the use of technologies like blockchain.” Can you expand more on this? Martin: In general I…

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