As a fan of coastal Maine, I got to spend a week in Northport in the Penobscot Bay this year. During this time, I hung out a few days at a lonely beach between Belfast and Camden. At the end of September, the water was already pretty fresh (actually rather cold), but it was relaxing and fun to watch the tides and to beachcomb after the receding water in the intertidal zone.

Beach in Northport Maine

Beach in Northport, Maine

4 Abstract Patterns in the Intertidal Zone

Abstract Patterns in the Intertidal Zone

I particularly enjoyed the tracks the receding water left, as it was deferred by little obstacles like pebbles, shells and sea grass. I took a few photos and some of my inspiring favourite snapshots I am sharing below. The water created mesmerizing abstract compositions, textures, and patterns, take a look:

7 Abstract Patterns in the Intertidal Zone

Mesmerizing Abstract Patterns in the Intertidal Zone

Northport Maine Beach

Northport, Maine Beach

Do you enjoy watching the tides and beachcombing?

Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Geometric abstraction artist based in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada. I work mostly with acrylics on paper, and I prefer large spatulas over brushes.

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