Crypto Art

A Visual Introduction to a New Digital Art Movement

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In the meantime, I have linked some crypto art-related blog posts below:

I co-authored a position paper on crypto art, a digital art movement technologically linked to the Blockchain. Data scientists Massimo Franceschet (University of Udine) and Giovanni Colavizza (University of Amsterdam) initiated this paper which evolved towards decentralized perspectives of all involved parties on this relatively new subject ...

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Last November, I got interviewed by David Nathan of during the Printemps Numérique Blockchain Conference at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. The interview was published on the French channel of in December ...

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Last November (2018), Printemps Numérique (Digital Spring) held the 9th edition of their #intersections event at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. This event promotes digital transformation issues and connects digital creatives with other industries. In this edition, Printemps Numérique focused entirely on Blockchain technology ...

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Fascinated by the socio-economic potential of blockchains, I started exploring this subject through geometric minimalism. With digital hand-painted sketches, I visually interpret the concept of blockchain architecture in preparation for my larger works on paper.

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What is Crypto Art / NFT Art?

What is the Blockchain?

How to Collect Crypto Art?

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