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Martin Lukas Ostachowski in his art studio

Hello and Welcome to ArtbyMLO. My name is Martin Lukas Ostachowski and I’m a self-taught visual artist, who currently lives and works in Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada.

Artist Statement

My geometric abstraction paintings combine traditional with modern arts and crafts processes such as weaving, hand-cutting and laser-cutting. I prefer paper over canvas as it allows me to manipulate the medium. Nature and travel are my main sources of inspiration; I am passionate about exploring environments and cultures.

My current body of work recreates my meditative experience of observing cloud formations for hundreds of hours on passenger flights. Layers of paper mimic the layers of clouds and form a three-dimensional sky. Exclamation marks create geometric patterns and draw attention to the symbolism of clouds across cultures. In my paintings, I strive for strong contrasts. Dark lines divide the organic cloud shapes, and colorful paper stripes punctuate the homogeneous cloudscape, representing the refraction of light. In a time where our attention span shortens to seconds, my paintings aim to slow down the observer with unanticipated depth and texture.

What to Expect

You will find useful tips and tricks for aspiring and emerging artists, as I share the methods and techniques which have helped me the most to promote my art blog and grow my audience.