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Martin Lukas Ostachowski in his art studio

Hello and Welcome to ArtbyMLO. My name is Martin Lukas Ostachowski and I’m a Polish-born, German geometric abstraction artist, who currently lives and works in Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada.

Artist Statement

Geometric abstraction, minimalism and the use of technology are constants in my visual narrative. My paper paintings combine traditional with modern arts and crafts processes such as weaving, hand-cutting and laser-cutting and embrace technology to varying degrees. In addition to traditional mediums, I experiment with digital and generative art such as algorithm-based visualizations.

My current body of work explores the architecture of blockchain technology through the subject of clouds. The continuous transformation of clouds in the sky have fascinated me as a traveler for a long time. Being a frequent flyer for work, I am always captivated by observing, photographing and recording cloud formations in particular through the window of an airplane. Their aesthetics combined with their deep symbolism throughout cultures and time are a constant source of inspiration and a subject I explore through a wide range of physical and digital mediums.

In my current series, I explore clouds within the blockchain context as a contemporary symbol of data storage and connectivity, representing transformation and hope for fair global distribution of opportunity and wealth. Through data visualizations, animations, digital and physical pieces, I aim to make this complex technology accessible in order to spark discussions on the blockchain’s profound transformative potential for society.

Snap shots from passenger flights - Martin Lukas Ostachowski
Snap shots from passenger flights - Martin Lukas Ostachowski

What to Expect

I blog about my progress, inspiration, milestones, new exhibitions and paintings.

You will find useful tips and tricks for aspiring and emerging artists, as I share the methods and techniques which have helped me the most to promote my art blog and grow my audience.