2017 Art Goals – Late Half-Time Review

Late Half-Time Review Art Goals 2017

2017 Art Goals – Late Half-Time Review

It is almost three months since my move to Sherbrooke QC, and while there are still some boxes unpacked, my very first studio is already up and running. I already painted a few times and it is such a treat to have a dedicated room to one’s passion.

With some delay, it’s time to evaluate the status of my annual art goals for 2017. I use this review as an opportunity to strategize on how to achieve my goals by the end of the year.

Goal 1: Expand Exclamatory Intermezzo Series

10% – Needs Work

It is an ambitious goal to create six large and six small paintings; until today, I completed only one large-scale painting. However, I am still hopefully optimistic about achieving this goal. Winter is around the corner and with it plenty of quality studio time.

Goal 2: Sell My First Painting

30% – Needs Work

I had hoped to sell some studies at an art show this year. As I didn’t attend a show, I will focus on plan B: my small online shop. The setup on my website is as good as complete and I plan to post the first paintings for sale early November.

Goal 3: Expand Artist CV

50% – Pass

With respect to my artist CV, I didn’t make as much of a progress as I had hoped for. With a move to organize and many trips to the US, I only applied to 4 art shows and one art contest. But I’m glad to announce that with my participation in the traveling group exhibition ‘Le Canada pour c’est …’, I am halfway there.

My painting is on display at seven venues across the Eastern Townships. You can find the related blog post about this traveling group exhibition here.

Goal 4: Increase Followers to 1,000

20%- Needs Work

I did a very poor job with posting new photos and posts on social media. So, I will stick again to scheduled and automated posts for the remaining months. This should hopefully bring me back on track.

Goal 5: Create Videos

20% – Needs Work

I created several little video clips but did not edit any movies yet. I plan to post a ‘making-of’ video of my recently completed large-scale exclamatory intermezzo painting; if you are following me on Facebook or Instagram you might have seen some of these clips already.

Also, I plan to create short introductory videos for my two series.

Goal 6: Transform Blog into Artist Website

30% – Needs Work

This year I made quite the progress with setting up my online shop. However, I am still behind with improving the Commissions, Events and About pages. I plan to work on them in early November.

Goal 7: Get Involved in the Art Community

50% – Pass

I Joined CARA (Centre d’art de la région des Appalaches) in Thetford Mines in fall of 2016. Currently, I am looking at different options to reach out to local artist community in Sherbrooke, QC.


To sum it up, the last months have been very busy with a time-consuming move and lots of travel. Unfortunately, I am behind on almost all my goals. Therefore, it’s high time to move up a gear for the last three months! I will keep you posted.

Martin Lukas Ostachowski

Geometric abstraction artist based in Sherbrooke, QC, Canada. I work mostly with acrylics on paper, and I prefer large spatulas over brushes.

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